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We want to keep this simple :this site is provided for the use of everyone who is approved as a member, but we're ultimately responsible, so:.

Above all, if we see something we don't like, then we reserve the right to edit or delete it. Similarly, if a member uses abusive or obscene language, or behaves in any way which we don't like, then we'll take whatever action we think is appropriate. It's always our decision, there is no appeal.

We've numbered these rules simply to make it easier for reference, they are not in any particular order :

  1. Membership is free and is entirely at our discretion. To be eligible you must have lived in Northern Rhodesia or Zambia at some time in your life,  this means you must have been officially resident, not simply visiting. You apply for membership by completing the on-line membership application; we'll then review your details and approve or decline your membership application. If we think that the information which you have provided is not complete or may be in some way untrue then we will refer your application back to you, or decline it.
  2. Behaviour
    1. we expect a reasonable standard in any postings you make
    2. use of insulting behaviour, bad language, posting pornography, and the promotion of any illegal activities will be deleted and may lead to action against you, including cancellation of your membership
    3. Subject to the foregoing, any topic may be discussed.
  3. Anything you post is your responsibility. If we think that you have posted material to which you do not own the copyright or are likely not to have the copyright holder's permission (except for "fair use" extracts), then we will remove it.
  4.  Privacy
    1. we will not deliberately publish your email address, full physical address or telephone numbers, but will publish your city and country of residence.
    2. Your birthday will be published if you provide it to us.
    3. It is in your interests not to post contact information in public areas of the site
    4. you should never publish contact details for someone else unless you have very clear permission from them to do so, in which case you must include a note to that effect 
    5. any postings contravening our privacy rules are likely to be removed by us.
  5. Links
    1. we will provide links to any Web site which we think will be of interest to members.
    2. We have no responsibility for the content of Web sites to which we link.
    3. Should you feel such content is inappropriate then please advise us and we will review the link.
  6. Availability and content
    1. we provide this Web site for the benefit of all members but disclaim all responsibility for any loss alleged by non-availability, inaccurate or incomplete information and for any other reason.
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