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  • Patrick KissanePatrick Kissane (3582)
  • Gervas ClayGervas Clay (4525)
    Gervas Clay was in the Provincial Administration from 1930 to 1960, and Curator of the Museum in Livingstone from 1960-1964.
  • The ex-Luanshya SiteThe ex-Luanshya Site (5521)
    This is a site for residents and ex-residents of that lovely little Copperbelt town called Luanshya.
  • Andy Larson's websiteAndy Larson's website (4997)
    Sailing position reports and sailing logs, plus details of books published
  • Yunus BadatYunus Badat (5360)
    Hello all Northeners I am from Ndola and have set up an Ndola website. You might find it interesting.
  • Betty ClayBetty Clay (3752)
    In 1936 Betty Clay came to Northern Rhodesia as a bride of 19. She rose to be Colony Commissioner for the Girl Guides, and retired back to England in 1964.
  • Linda SmithLinda Smith (4992)
    Amazing, vivid and soul enriching memories captured in this book/website. Become enraptured down memory lane!
  • Alan Hogg's BlogAlan Hogg's Blog (3606)
    Blog of Alan's trip by Trintella 47 from the West Indies to Australia and beyond
  • Gwyn's Mufulira SiteGwyn's Mufulira Site (6374)
    This is a site for all Nrzams not only Muffites.
  • St Stephen's College Old Boys Association WorldwideSt Stephen's College Old Boys Association Worldwide (4087)
    St Stephen's College, a boarding school of Anglican denomination for boys of all denominations was based 42 miles SW of Bulawayo, Southern Rhodesia, between Beit Bridge and Bulawayo, on the Great North Road from Cape to Cairo and was largely patronised by the sons of many Northern Rhodesians, especially those of the Copperbelt. It is managed by Peter Morris, also of Lusaka and later of the Copperbelt.
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